Askeli faces the open sea and is built amphitheatrically on the slope of a pine covered hill with a panoramic view from above. There are four snake-shaped streets on the road starting from the beach road and branching out across Askeli, reaching the top of the hill.

It has a fairly large beach with a beach bar, tables and chairs, deck chairs, umbrellas, showers, rooms to change, rest rooms and water sport training. There is space to play racquetball and tall trees to rest underneath them.

Askeli has beautiful homes perched on the hillside with excellent views and cool breezes for those who have their own means of transportation or are willing to walk.

Askeli is another perfect place for families as most homes have, among other things, apartments with a kitchen and everything else that a family may need.

It has a supermarket, minimarket and bicycle or scooter rentals for short excursions. Several pretty taverns with delicious food and reasonable prices are located on the coastal road.

There are also cafe snack bars, where in addition to coffee, ice cream, drinks and refreshments, you can enjoy a quick lunch on the go. Some restaurants, on certain days of the week, even have Greek dancing nights.

Tourists in Askeli have nonstop bus, taxi and boat access to the center of Poros.

It’s approximately a 30 minute walk.

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